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Top 5 Renovation Tips

After immersing ourselves in a meticulous refurbishment of our flagship store - both internally and externally, and also renovating our Knutsford Boutique in 2017, we believed it would be advantageous to disclose our renovation insights and techniques to achieve a successful project.


1. Planning and Design: 

Lay out your budget, collaborate with your designer and builder to convey your vision, obtain permits for the build and any other pre-planning measures. Your builder will also assist you in determining whether or when you may require relocation during your renovation.

2. Demolition and Removals: 

Demolition spans a wide spectrum of strength, from merely clearing out outdated furniture and dismantling a few partitions to a complete renovation that leaves only the essential architectural foundations and your exterior walls intact.

3. Rebuilding:

Modernise your home with this step, which includes comprehensive behind-the-scenes work like adjusting plumbing and electrical elements and full rewiring or re-plumbing. This is also inclusive of interior walls and partitions and any other structural elements to be incorporated in the build.

4. Fixtures & Appliances:

This stage is where all your essential appliances and mechanicals are installed, from refrigerators and stoves to light fixtures, sockets, and cabinets. At this point, your home is almost complete; the finishing touches are just around the corner. 

5. Final Touches: 

Discover the perfect addition to your home at our Cheshire showrooms in Nantwich and Knutsford Town. Find luxury furniture and home accessories that will add a touch of elegance to your living space. For a more bespoke experience, book an appointment with one of our interior design experts. Imbue your home with sophistication and style.

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