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Candle Care Guide

Our scented candles are masterfully crafted to bring you hours of aromatic pleasure. To guarantee a luxurious scent experience and ensure the best possible quality of scent, follow our guidance regarding preserving and caring for your signature scents.

How to Burn your Candle

1.Gently ignite your candle in an airy open space, away from harsh currents of air or mechanical fans, to prevent blackening of the vessel and to ensure an even, controlled burn.

2.Burn standard-sized candles for ninety minutes to two hours at once. If the candle is lit too briefly, it may 'tunnel' and leave a residue of wax along the vessel's sides. Conversely, a flame that burns for an extended period (greater than four hours) may cause the wick to lean or shift.

3.Ensure you extinguish your candle when 10.00mm of wax remains in the container, monitoring the flame when the wax is depleting.

How to Care for your Wicks

1. Maintain the wax reservoir tidily avoiding wick snippets and matches, as such elements in the wax can serve as a supplementary wick, prompting your candle to burn more rapidly.

2.Extinguish the flame with a snuffer to centre and straighten the wick; burning for too long can cause misalignment and place the vessel at risk of cracking if the wick flames too close to the wall.

3.Lengthy or misaligned wicks can instigate tall flames, droplets of smoke, or layers of soot. The most convenient solution to avoid this is to cut the wick to 5.00mm after the wax has hardened.


Important Notice

The burn time of each of our candles varies; an estimated burn time is noted on each page, and to ensure best performance, we suggest adhering to our care guides.


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