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Classic Faux Pearls T-bar Bracelet | Multiple Colours


Elevate your look with this exquisite T-Bar Bracelet. Available in gold or silver tones, it features lustrous Faux Pearls and a refined toggle clasp. Make a statement with this stunning...

Crystal T-Bar Chain-Link Bracelet | Multiple Colours


Captivate the attention with this T-Bar Bracelet. Plated in gold silver or mixed metal tone it showcases Crystal gemstones, elegantly set on a Chain-Link clasp. It's the perfect accessory for...

T-Bar Bee Bracelet | Multiple Colours


Unleash your inner strength and style with this Bracelet, plated in a sleek rhodium/ gold toned plating. This unique piece showcases an animal motif, embodying the spirit of the wild...

Gold Plated Shell Chain Bracelet


Add a touch of luxe to any look with our exclusive Gold Plated Shell Chain Bracelet. Crafted from a shining gold plated curve chain this bracelet is embellished with an...

Gold Plated Thin Double Chain T-Bar Bracelet with Pearl with lock


This luxurious gold-plated thin double chain T-bar bracelet is a must-have for the fashion-forward. Crafted with a matte finish and securable fastener, the bracelet is adorned with a delicate pearl...

Gold Plated Chunky Chain Leather Bracelet with V Detail in Brown


Make a statement with this luxurious gold-plated and brown leather bracelet. The chunky chain and V Detail provide unique texture for a look that's bold and timeless. Perfect for casual...

Gold Plated Chunky Chain Leather Bracelet with V Detail in Black


Designed for maximum impact, this gold plated chain and black leather bracelet is sure to turn heads. The chunky chain and V detailing creates a look of luxury and class,...