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Wooden Globe with Crystals Chandelier


Create a statement piece in your home with this Wooden Globe with Crystals Chandelier, the perfect marriage between wood, metal and luxurious sparkling crystals. With an exquisite attention to detail,...

Silver Finish Three Lamp Pendant


This vintage-style pendant light, drawing inspiration from factory and barn lighting, is guaranteed to add a captivating industrial chic to any room. It offers an ideal accompaniment to kitchens, dining...

Wooden Caged Six Arm Chandelier


Indulge in the rustic charm of this wooden caged six arm chandelier, an elegant addition to any space. With its soft lighting and rustic feel, this stunning pendant is the...

Metal Sphere Chandelier


This Metal Sphere Chandelier is an exquisite piece of art, perfect for any sophisticated and luxurious living space. With an elegant metal sphere design and shimmering crystal embellishments, it adds glamour and...

Golden Spike Pendant Light


Elevate any space with the luxurious Golden Spike Statement Pendant Light. Handcrafted from the finest materials, this exclusive light offers a brilliant glow that will transform any setting into an...

Clear Glass and Gold Round Pendant


This luxuriously crafted pendant is a truly exquisite work of art. The timeless combination of clear glass and gold offers a stunning aesthetic, adding a touch of glamour to any...