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Professional & Highly Experienced Design Services

Discover the luxury of bespoke services with our exclusive range of custom offerings. From fabric matching lampshades to custom made sofas and designer cushions, let us help you find the perfect bespoke piece for your interior. With timeless elegance and sophistication in mind, inquire via email or telephone today and unite your unique aesthetic with the highest level of luxury craftsmanship.


Bespoke Furniture & Furnishings

A bespoke experience awaits with our exquisite collection of customisable furniture, bespoke kitchen design, luxury sofas, fabric matched lampshades and more. Our handmade pieces are tailored to you design style and crafted by expert artisans, making your interior a haven of luxury and sophistication. The possibilties are endless. To find out more please contact . We also offer an interior design service by our very own interior designer Dawn Kilburn.

Contact Us

Station Road, Nantwich CW2 5DY Telephone: 01270 626 814