Wild Things Reed Diffuser - Born WIth Catitude

Wild Things Reed Diffuser - Born WIth Catitude

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Born WIth Catitude - Dark Ginger Lily: -  Decadent floral notes of ylang ylang and ginger lily bloom under the silver glow of the moon, complemented by rich, spicy star anise and the comforting, fragrant warmth of clove musk to create Born With Cattitude. Decorated with midnight shadows, lush tropical shades of the jungle and the prowling golden eyes of a velvet jaguar, this Supersize Luxury Reed Diffuser makes a larger than life statement in the home.  


Product Details:

  • Striking ceramic vessel topped with a gold lid
  • Fibre reeds for optimum fragrance release
  • High fragrance percentage
  • Lasts for up to three months

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